Over 300 Stadiums
Across 9 Countries
Offering 14 Sports


Sportpods is a division of Cyclepods UK, a CROWD group company. CROWD (Creators of the Outside World) are a Pan European group currently consisting of the following brands Cyclepods, VelopA and Ijslander, with a combined experience of over 20 years in Europe.  The focus of the group is to “Encourage people to go outside”. CROWD group companies serve the market connected to Street furniture, Bicycle parking, Sport and Play, with sustainability and great design at the heart of our strategy.


David Leach

Managing Director

As a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast and businessman, David is passionate about bringing the social and ‘wellbeing’ benefits of the Sportpods range to schools and communities across the country. Having played sport at a national level for the Amateur Football Alliance and as a youth coach he has observed the ‘coming together of people’ at facilities like these. He believes these facilities increase fitness, mental health and social relations across all demographics in society.

Luc Bonnici

Business Development Manager

With a background In Sport Science, Luc graduated from Sheffield Hallam University before getting into teaching English and coaching football. More recently he has indulged his love of cycling by joining the Cyclepods team and is now focused on helping to launch Sportpods in the UK. A keen amateur sportsman, he feels passionately that the availability of high-class sporting facilities is integral to bringing the love of the game to all ages.